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Hillbilly Jukebox' Homepage

202  Datum: 2007-08-27 19:42:51
dick barnes ( dbarnes@boozeitloseit.com / http://www.boozeitloseit.com) schrieb:

One of the best websites I Have ever seen. By the way, thanks again for all the airplay.

201  Datum: 2007-05-15 17:21:56
Roland ( r.bihlmaier@lycos.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Danke Rolf für Deine heutige big coole Hillbilly Jukebox mit June Carter & Co. - war supergut!
Gruss und keep rocking


200  Datum: 2007-03-16 14:04:19
Martin ( keine Email / http://www.perlentaucher.beep.de) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
war mal wieder ein SUUUPER Plattekaddong heute.

199  Datum: 2007-01-22 03:04:59
Duane Stailey ( sharon@duanestailey.com / http://www.duanestailey.com) schrieb:

Thanks for playing my song "Redneckville" on your show.

Duane Stailey

198  Datum: 2006-12-11 00:28:20
Chuck "Wagon" Maultsby ( chuck@chuckmaultsby.com / http://www.chuckmaultsby.com) schrieb:

Thanks for the play Rolf! Happy Holidays and always Happy Trails to you and yours! If you should ever find yourself in Arizona you will always be welcome at the ranch!

197  Datum: 2006-11-28 22:36:44
Liz Talley ( Ltalley.tnt@sbcglobal.net / http://www.liztalleymusic.com) schrieb:

So sweet of you Rolf to play my music on
your Hillbilly Jukebox. Sincere thanks and
Happy holidays to all my friends in Germany!
Liz...little drummer girl from Texas

196  Datum: 2006-11-21 19:52:49
Achim Schultz ( as@musicrecording.tv / http://www.musicrecording.tv) schrieb:

Hallo lieber Rolf

Erstmal herzlichen Dank das sie sich eine Stunde Sendezeit für das Thema Hilfswerke, George Harrison, Klaus Voormann und den dahinter stehenden Spenden und Sammelaktionen Zeit nehmen. Wie viele unter uns noch wissen hatte der Beatle George Harrison auch eine großes Herz und spendete viel Geld für Bangladesh sowie Klaus und Christinas Hilfswerk
Lakota Village Fundraising eV. ´(kranke und falsch ernährte Indianer im Resevat Pine Ridge USA.

Danke auch das sie meinen aus diesem Grund komponierten Song "Bye Bye George Harrison" spielen.

Gruß aús München keep rocking & having fun

Hippie und dreamer

Achim Schultz

195  Datum: 2006-07-23 14:27:37
phil younger ( youngsmp@iprimus.com.au / http://www.philyounger.com) schrieb:


194  Datum: 2006-06-27 11:08:27
Hermann Lammers Meyer ( hermann.l.meyer@freenet.de / http://www.hermannlammersmeyer.de) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,

supergrüsse aus dem Emsland, herzlichen Dank, dass Du meine Songs in deinen Sendungen erklingen läßt !!!!!!!!!!!!!! janz prima,

alles Gute für dich und hoffentlich sehen wir uns bald einmal wieder LIVE in Person.. bei einem oder zwei ganz kühlen Pilschen...

bald wieder, Hermann

193  Datum: 2006-05-26 13:22:57
Martin ( keine Email / http://www.perlentaucher.beep.de) schrieb:

Hallo Meister,
ich hätt' gerne mal 2 Musikwünsche:
John Jacob Niles&
Dave van Rook (heisst der so?Wird in ,,no direction home,, erwähnt.)
Ansonsten noch mal Dank für Deine ,immer wieder inspiriereden Sendungen.

Gruß Martin

192  Datum: 2006-03-23 01:20:03
Tyler Russell ( russell@mrcable.ca / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hey, from a distant relative in Alberta, Canada(My mom's a Hierath). I didn't know the country scene was this big in Europe. I'm in Germany around world cup time so I'll try to stop over and say hello.

191  Datum: 2006-01-10 15:15:37
Doreen Brown ( Dbenterprises@rogers.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi Ron:
A real pleasure to sign your guestbook and let you know how much I enjoyed viewing your site.

Appreciation always for your wonderful support of country music and playing my music. Always say "DJ's Are The Greatest".

Am looking forward to attending the Jamboree by the Lake in Winchester, TN in May.

Special greetings to you and yours and all your valued listeners,
Country Cheers,
Doreen Brown

190  Datum: 2006-01-03 15:00:46
Nikki Hornsby ( cjpnh@hotmail.com / http://home.att.net/~nikkihornsby/Hornsby.html) schrieb:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is Nikki Hornsby from Los Angeles CA USA wishing all your listeners as well as programers online a GREAT 2006. CJP-NHRecords is still here working from Germany and we have just taken on another project. I am honored as one in a team of four given duties by the city to host VIPs Sponosors & Dignataries, press & media included, for six upcoming world cup soccer championships taking place in June. One more thing, the songs of my "Just Wait" CD are getting great European Airplay and it's building too. My personal assistant, Renate, said she talked with you on the phone but we could only find on your playlist one song of my ten previous radio charted international releases. Would be good to see "Flying Over Sweet Alabama" there on your airplay list or "Child Running Wild" or "Travel On" as other stations from England, Scotland, N.Ireland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland plus Germany are giving them airplay now. Being honored as a four time nominated to board of directors for the Academy of Country Music (Dick Clark USA TV Annual Awards Show Production) I am still writing songs in different styles: Pop, Rock, Folk, Latin, Irish, to Americana Country with plans to release three to four more full CDs of original songs in the near future. Hope that you will give a few of the songs a spin for your music listeners. God bless and always be good to yourself. "Alles Wird Gut" is another ballad type song I just wrote this last year that I hope to share even that one with you someday too. "alles est gut" I hope that this year for you is the best ever. Thank you in advance & God bless, Nikki Hornsby
Singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, CEC of CJP-NHRecords plus:)

189  Datum: 2005-11-10 19:02:21
SUZIE ( JPauchey@aol.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi Y'all,
If Hillbilly Juke Box would like to play my 12 song CD release, titled, "Sweet Loving With You",you can get a free CD by emailing me, SUZIE
(Suzette Reynolds Pauchey):
Others who wish to buy my CD can also reach me at the same email address. I live in FLA (USA). I recorded this CD in Nashville, TN with musicians that often play at the Grand Ole Opry.
I am a songwriter/artist. Many radio stations are playing my CD.
My husband is a pilot for American Airlines. I can fly to many foreign countries for concert work.
PLEASE let me hear from you.

188  Datum: 2005-11-09 11:29:30
Claudette & Vicki Lee ( keine Email / http://www.vickileeonline.com) schrieb:

Claudette & I got together to get somethings done but we started looking on the web for DJs who have played and/or are playing my songs. I just wanted to say just how blessed to have such lovely support such as yours and all the other wonderful djs. Thank You so so much and God Bless,
Vicki Lee & Claudette

187  Datum: 2005-11-02 05:11:48
Bill Durham ( bdurham@telepak.net / http://www.billdurhammusic.com) schrieb:

Thanks for keeping the Johnny Cash legacy
alive. His music will never die. I started
singing and playing the guitar when I was 11
years old. The first song that I learned to
play was "Folsom Prison Blues". I recorded the
song years later on my first CD.

186  Datum: 2005-10-31 11:08:47
Nelson & The Stagecoach ( nelson@stagecoach.se / http://www.stagecoach.se) schrieb:

HI Rolf !!
Thank's a million for playing track's from my album " Winners & Losers ".
You're doing a great job for the Country Music
and Artists.
And for this I tip my hat.
Nelson / NATS

185  Datum: 2005-10-28 21:08:58
Jaime Beaver ( lbeaver@csinet.net / http://www.jaimebeaver.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,

Just stopped in to say hi, like your web site and if you get a chance please checkout my site & sign the guestbook. Also, if you get a chance please give one of my songs a spin, I release songs on the Western Heart Promotion complication CD's.



184  Datum: 2005-09-28 04:32:11
Jim Welsh ( jim.welsh@bigpond.com / http://www.jimwelsh.net) schrieb:

Dear Rolf,
I just called in to say G,day and wish you all the best from Tasmania.Thanks again for the airplay.

183  Datum: 2005-09-20 00:50:03
Liz Talley ( ltalley.tnt@sbcglobal.net / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi Rolf...just dropping in to say hi & check out the website. Very cool stuff here! Thanks
for playing my songs. Keep cranking out that
good country music. Your friend in TX Liz

182  Datum: 2005-08-25 12:47:02
Jim Welsh ( jim.welsh@bigpond.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

G,Day Rolf,
I,d like to tell youof the time Johnny Cash came to Devonport, Tasmania.Unfortunatly the open air show was washed out and the organisers were losing $22,000.Johnny wrote a cheque to cover the loss.All the best,Jim.

181  Datum: 2005-08-02 17:41:25
Don Smith ( donsmusic@adelphia.net / http://www.achievementrecords.net) schrieb:

Hi Rolf:
You have a great little web site here and I enjoyed my visit and a chance to sign your guest book. Would like to see some Don Smith songs on your play lists at the different boards
so just let me know. Appreciate your friendship.
Your Maine buddy, Don Smith U.S.A.

180  Datum: 2005-07-05 10:27:15
Claudette/Lydialee ( keine Email / http://www.vickileeonline.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,
Thought I would come by your website and see what new music goodies you might have and I must say I enjoyed revisiting and also wanted to say thanks for supporting Independent artists!!
Have a great day!

(ps Vicki Lee's birthday is July 12th!)

179  Datum: 2005-06-06 18:59:11
Mike Simmons ( info@desotorust.com / http://www.desotorust.com) schrieb:

Thank you Rolf!

We appreciate your support of Twangy music!!

DeSoto Rust

178  Datum: 2005-05-28 15:39:23
Rainer ( rockandrollradio@nord-com.net / http://rockandrollradio.de) schrieb:

Moin aus Bremen,

da muss ich doch dieser tollen Seite einen Besuch abstatten und einen kleinen Eintrag hinterlassen.
Tolle Sache...denn auch der Bürgerrundfunk Bremen sendet auf FM 92,5 MHz. Zufall ??

keep on rockin'


177  Datum: 2005-05-01 02:26:33
jim welsh ( jim.welsh@bigpond.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

I just called to let you know that I,ll be sending you a copy of my c.d. spirit of Tasmania next week.Eleven of my own compositions.All the best from Tasmania, Jim.

176  Datum: 2005-04-26 17:29:58
Marisa Bondy ( contact@marisabondy.com / http://www.marisabondy.com) schrieb:

Thanks for supporting independent country music artists. Keep up the good work, and maybe someday you will play my songs.

Marisa Bondy

175  Datum: 2005-04-26 12:37:56
RhonBob Promotions ( rhonnies@aol.com / http://www.rhonbob.com) schrieb:

DJ Rolf, very much enjoyed visit to your site. Also...thanks so much for airplay of Jimmy Eaves, we are proud to promoted him and his talented wife. We would like to spotlight you around the world, visit our website and see the other wonderful DJ's we promote. Need you to email this info and photo to rhonnies@aol.com
website: http://www.rhonbob.com

174  Datum: 2005-04-19 09:51:08
Terry Lee Barker ( barker29@optusnet.com.au / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hey nice site Rolf,I understand you have been playing tracks from my album "Cowboy Lullaby" many thanks you help keep us indie artists alive keep up the great work and thanks again for the spins.
Terry Lee Barker

173  Datum: 2005-04-18 22:03:27
Randall Cousins ( rotonoto@hotmail.com / http://www.darkhorsetraditions.com) schrieb:

Hey Rolf :

you have a very cool site, here. I enjoyed my surf.


Randall Cousins ( Toronto, Canada )

172  Datum: 2005-04-18 21:44:45
Brandon Lynn Shane ( blshane2002@yahoo.com / http://www.brandonlynnshane.bravehost.com) schrieb:

Hi Rolf.... Great site !!!!! And thanks for the spin of "I'll be waiting here in San Antone" from Miranda VOL. !!
Brandon Lynn Shane

171  Datum: 2005-04-18 08:14:24
frank palani baum ( palani.baum@gmx.de / http://palani-music.de) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
danke, daß du die beiden Titel "Paradise Isle"
und "Steelin' the Blues" - von Jerry Byrd
im Programm hattest.
Hatte erst in den letzten Jahren meinen Kontakt
zu Jerry freundschaftlich vertiefen können.
Wir kannten uns zwar schon seit den 60er Jahren, aber erst seit ich ab Mitte der 90er Jahre jeden Herbst in Hawaii bin und dort auch aktiv in der Szene mitmische, kam man sich näher.
Auf diesem Weg auch nochmal ein
"Mahalo Jerry" from Palani & Luka A Me
A Hui Hou Kaua
Rolf - beste Grüße und till next time

170  Datum: 2005-04-12 18:01:41
Mike Runnels ( mikerunnels@earthlink.net / http://www.mikerunnels.com) schrieb:

Rolf, I like your website, a lot of interesting stuff . Thanks for the airplay too! Mike

169  Datum: 2005-03-23 04:31:29
Debbie White ( dmndeb@msn.com / http://www.debbiewhitemusic.com) schrieb:

Many thanks for the spins from my CD "Flame of Love".............Debbie White from TEXAS

168  Datum: 2005-03-22 09:20:09
Mark Collier - MMG Records ( manager@mmgrecords.com / http://www.mmgrecords.com) schrieb:

Hello, my friend....
Thanks for all you do for country music. Without DJs like you playing our music, no label or artist would be in business. I'm sure all other labels appreciate your hard work as much as MMG does. Have a great day, and keep up the good work!

Mark Collier, Mgr
MMG Records

167  Datum: 2005-03-15 20:04:42
Tex Robinson ( tex@texrobinson.com / http://www.texrobinson.com) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf!
Sonnige Musikgrüße nach Wiesbaden und vielen Dank für den Einsatz unserer neuen CD. Alles, alles Gute für Deine weiteren Sendungen -
und möge Dir Deine Arbeit für die Musik noch lange Freude bereiten. Keep on the sunny side of life.
Tex Robinson & Karin

166  Datum: 2005-03-15 01:45:08
STEVIE CEE ( cstevie@maine.rr.com / http://www.steviecee.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf...comin' at cha' from the great state of Maine in the USA. Surfin' tonight checking out country websites, this is a good one. Enjoyed my visit...thank you. Wanted to say thank you also for all the support you give Independent Artists and their music. Take care & God Bless.

165  Datum: 2005-03-15 01:11:29
Karen Collins ( kecollins@starpower.net / http://karencollins.net) schrieb:

Thanks for playing cuts from my CD "Backroads & Bayous"

164  Datum: 2005-03-14 20:27:01
Eddie White ( eddiewhite@bigpond.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

G'day Rolf,
I'm present The Cosmic Cowboy Cafe on 2RRR 88.5 FM in Sydney, Australia.
I saw on Twangdj your playlist for 15th March featured Tiny Tim.
i thought i was the only carazy dj who loves the late great Mr Tim.
Speaking of great do you know The Jackson Taylor Band from Austin, TX ?
If not I strongly suggest you check out their website jacksontaylorband.com.

163  Datum: 2005-03-10 05:31:16
Brian Robertson ( brianrobertson@shaw.ca / http://www.ashleyrobertson.com) schrieb:

Dear Rolf, Greetings from Canada. Thank you for playing Ashley Robertson's songs. Ashley has been nominated for European CMA Female Vocalist of the Year. Please vote for Ashley at www.europeancma.com or www.ashleyrobertson.com. Please let your listeners know to vote for Ashley also. That would be wonderful. Thank You for your support and Best Regards. I can't get your email to work. Do you have a new one? Ashley is planning a tour of Germany this summer. Ashley & Brian.

162  Datum: 2005-03-08 05:52:02
Eric Waterman ( ericw@nf.sympatico.ca / http://www.ericw.builderspot.com) schrieb:

I really enjoyed my visit.Great website.

161  Datum: 2005-03-01 03:28:15
debbie white ( dmndeb@msn.com / http://www.debbiewhitemusic.com) schrieb:

Greetings from TEXAS. Your signed CD is on it's way and I look forward to seeing my name on your playlist.

160  Datum: 2005-02-15 10:34:44
Claudette/Lydialee ( keine Email / http://www.vickileeonline.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,
Fabulous work you do for independent artists!!! I just wanted to stop in and say a big hello and also a big thanks for playing Vicki Lee's songs on your show it's truly wonderful of you!
Wishing you a terrific week and enjoyed revisitng your website!
Take Care,

159  Datum: 2005-02-15 08:21:24
Doug Jones ( info@dougjonesmusic.com / http://www.dougjonesmusic.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf, greetings from Calgary Canada.
Special thanks for supporting Indie Artists.

All the best.

Doug Jones
Canadian Recording Artist

158  Datum: 2005-02-13 19:10:51
Jerry Lindsey ( jermar@tidewater.net / http://www.cdbaby.com/jerrylindsey) schrieb:

Great web site .Thank you for playing
(BLACK HATS SIX PACKS.(and girls).
Jerry Lindsey

157  Datum: 2005-02-09 21:04:00
Karen Lynne ( KarenLynne@bigpond.com / http://www.karenlynne.com) schrieb:

hi rolf
nice site,.. thanks for promoting country music,... I know my music is a bit too gentle for your program but I'm glad there are DJs out there like you who promote our kind of music and hopefully there'll be lots of good songs on the new bluegrass album that you will like (out soon!). I Hope to see you in person as i am touring with my bluegrass band in germany in July 2005!!
Karen Lynne

156  Datum: 2005-01-31 21:38:16
Jim Rorie ( jimrorie@dixie-net.com / http://www.jimrorie.com) schrieb:

I sent you a copy of my CD,"One More For The Ditch". If you can give me some airplay, I sure would appreciate it.

155  Datum: 2005-01-31 14:31:23
Lucie Diamond ( kudosmusicuk@aol.com / http://www.luciediamond.com) schrieb:

Hi there from the UK
Lucie Diamond checking in to say a great big thankyou to ROLF for playing my single 'What I Like About You' featuring the great Albert Lee.(Track 4 Hillcrest 22/Track 3 Hotdisc Jan 05)
I am so grateful for your support, and glad you like it. It is doing very well in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It's just been picked up in Japan too.
I hope to be doing live gigs over there sometime soon. I'll see you then.
I will have a new single out in April. My album 'Sweet Medicine' will be out later this year.
Love Lucie Diamond xxx

154  Datum: 2005-01-26 23:06:10
mike murray ( cmmuray@aol.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi Rolf
Glade you received Tymber’s CD, SAY HEY!
Thank you for giving her airtime. I hope your listening audience enjoys her music. If it is not too much trouble, I would like to know what response, if any, you receive from her music. Thanks again for your help.
Tymber's Grandpa,

153  Datum: 2005-01-17 08:04:23
frank baum ( palani.baum@gmx.de / http://www.palani-music.de) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
bin wieder ins winterliche Europa zurückgekehrt.
Hoffe du bist gut reingekommen, ins neue Jahr -
Hauoli Makahiki Hou - sagt man in "Hawaii Nei".
Hatte wieder in Waikiki Hotels gespielt und
nun geht's mit Country Shows und Hawaiian
Music Galas hier wieder los.
Country Music ist ja nicht gerade im Aufwärtstrent, musste ich bei meiner Rückkehr feststellen - hoffe das ändert sich mal wieder.
Beste Grüße,
keep it Country und
A Hui Hou,
Frank "Palani" Baum

152  Datum: 2005-01-16 18:52:01
Bob Johnston ( johnston1962@rogers.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Thanks for playing my song my friend, You have a great site here. all the best in2005

151  Datum: 2005-01-11 14:30:16
Brad Tyler ( not_spambtylercountry@aol.com / http://www.Bradtyler.com) schrieb:

Rolf cool site thanks for considering my song She'S So Hot on your show on CHI Jan 2005
Brad Tyler

150  Datum: 2005-01-04 09:16:40
Ann-Marita ( annmarita@annmarita.com / http://www.annmarita.com) schrieb:

Hi, Rolf!

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia, in the beautifully sunny and warm month of January! (...obviously I haven't been living here for very long since that still bewilders me!!) Thank you for doing so much wonderful work promoting indie artists!

Ann-Marita, singer/songwriter.

149  Datum: 2005-01-03 23:13:03
Terje Brattsveen ( terje@nashcats.com / http://www.nashcats.com) schrieb:

Greetings from Nashville. Germany should be pleased to have someone as dedicated to Country Music as you are! Keep it up.

148  Datum: 2005-01-01 13:20:17
DJ Tommy Dean ( baker1@midmaine.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

I love to read your playlists. I have a Radio Show in Bangor, Me. USA...You play GREAT music!

Fellow DJ Tommy Dean
WERU FM 89.9 Bluehill & 102.9 Bangor

147  Datum: 2004-12-29 14:53:34
Everett Corbin ( ejcorbin@juno.com / http://www.vernonoxfordcountry.com) schrieb:

Hello, Rolf:

I was just checking your playlists and airplay on Vernon Oxford, and you have been very kind to us over the years.

Currently, Vernon is doing better, however, on Christian Music Radio, esp;ecially with these songs from THE OXFORD TOUCH, namely:


To all of your German listeners, thanks for your understanding of the music of Vernon Oxford, a GREAT traditionalist, "in the tradition" of Hank Williams.

Musically, in Christian love,

Everett Corbin for Vernon Oxford

146  Datum: 2004-12-27 17:49:01
T.JAE CHRISTIAN ( CLASS55@AOL.COM / http://ricksharpcountry.com/usrecindex.htm) schrieb:


145  Datum: 2004-12-27 13:41:00
Jud Phillips ( jud@phillipsmemphis.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

We trust you and your loved ones enjoyed a wonderful Holiday season. It is always a pleasure to receive your playlists. Not because you usually have a SUN Record or a HI Record on the list, it is because of your continued unwaivering dedication to the artform of our music. In this politically troubled time, I am certain that our USA citizens are also very grateful to hear these sounds from home. Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future and one day hopefully to personally meet.
Warmest regards,
Jud Phillips
Memphis Tennessee USA

144  Datum: 2004-12-20 22:07:39
Bob Johnston ( johnston1962@rogers.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Wishing you a merry christmas from Lilian and Manon and myself-producer Bob Johnston All the best in2005

143  Datum: 2004-12-20 16:51:34
Buster Doss @ Stardust Records ( cbd@vallnet.com / http://www.stardustcountrymusic.com) schrieb:

THANKS My AMIGO For The Airplay You Give The STARDUST Family !!
I enjoyed my visit to your website !!

142  Datum: 2004-12-17 04:51:57
Kelly Lang ( chhill@sbcglobal.net / http://www.kellylang.net) schrieb:

Great site with a lot of good information. Keep it country!

141  Datum: 2004-12-08 15:52:11
Don A. Smith ( donsmusic@adelphia.net / http://www.achievementrecords.com) schrieb:

I think you have a swell web-site, Rolf and I see my songs played once in a while, from E.H. King compolations. Thanx and lots of luck. Merry Christmas from the grand state of Maine -
Don A. Smith

140  Datum: 2004-12-08 12:24:11
Sivert Bjoerdal ( sivert@sivertbjordal.com / http://www.sivertbjordal.com) schrieb:

Hi Rolf!

Greetings from Norway!
Thank you so much for the super job you are doing for us artist, its a pleasure for me to sign your guestbook! keep up the good work :-))

Best regards Sivert

139  Datum: 2004-11-30 12:00:39
Claudette/Lydialee ( keine Email / http://www.vickileeonline.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,
Thanks so much for all you do for independent artists! It was great fun visiting with you today and have a wonderful holiday season!

138  Datum: 2004-11-24 05:09:43
Miranda Promotions ( miranda@mirandapromotions.com / http://www.mirandapromotions.com) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,

I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself to you.

We would like to thank you for your support, of the Artist that we promote, and the many other talented Artist.

Come by post your playlist, and chat with us soon.

Yours In Music,

Miranda Records And Promotions Alabama Nashville International.

137  Datum: 2004-11-21 07:37:55
Magdalena ( magdalena.friese@gmx.de / http://www.freewebs.com/songsation/) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,

I found your link in the Bob Wootton forum. Nice website. :-)


136  Datum: 2004-11-20 15:06:41
GLORY TRAIN/HILLTOPPER MUSIC ( glorytrn@aol.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hello Rolf.

Thanks a lot for all you do for Indie Country Music in Germany. We at Glory Train Records really appreciate all you do.

Thank again and God Bless.

Robert & Anna Shields
All The Artist
Glorey Train Records
Hilltopper Music Group

135  Datum: 2004-11-19 22:20:45
Jack Hurt ( hurt@kconline.com / http://www.geocities.com/hurtmusic/index.html) schrieb:

Thanks Rolf for playing our indi songs, and for emailing me your playlists. You have a great website. Keep up your good work; we appreciate it. Hope to have some more CD's coming your way soon. Take care.
Jack Hurt
Hurt Music Productions
P.O. Box 84
Pierceton, Indiana 46562 USA

134  Datum: 2004-11-17 14:48:28
Bob Wootton ( Scartana@aol.com / http://www.bobwootton.com) schrieb:

Just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know I appreciate you and your site. You do a lot of hard work to keep good music going. Hang in there and keep up the great work.

133  Datum: 2004-10-28 23:51:41
Jerry Hensley ( jerry@jerrylhensley.com / http://jerrylhensley.com) schrieb:

Great website! I'm very happy to be heard in Germany and glad you are supporting country music. Thanks for everything Rolf! Jerry

132  Datum: 2004-10-27 20:33:32
Ann Brown ( countryrecordartist@msn.com / http://www.annbrowncountry.com) schrieb:

Hi Rolf: Great to see that you play Traditional Country. If you would like a copy of my CD's I'd be happy to send them to you. I record in Nashville and tour the U.S.A. I can be heard on WDVRFM.org on Sat. at 6 to 8 P.M. (our time)
Constantly Country - Ann Brown

131  Datum: 2004-10-20 03:30:05
billy payne ( billypayne@citynet.net / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,
Many Thanks for your continued support!!!! It is an honor to be played in Germany! You are a Super Cool D.J. . Best wishes...
Sincerely, Billy Payne

130  Datum: 2004-10-17 15:36:11
Rattlesnake ( snake@rattlesnakeannie.com / http://www.rattlesnakeannie.com) schrieb:

Hi Rolf, your home page is great!
I appreciate your support of my music and American musicians. Thank you for being there for us..love Rattlesnake
new CD "Rattlesnake Annie sings Willie Nelson"

129  Datum: 2004-10-17 15:32:24
ERNIE ASHWORTH ( erniea811@yahoo.com / http://www.ernieashworth.com) schrieb:


128  Datum: 2004-10-15 19:23:22
Lauren Dillon ( lauren@laurendillon.com / http://www.laurendillon.com) schrieb:

Well I'd love to come terrorize some neighbors with you sometime. I'd bring my banjo and National guitar, for sure!

See 'Ya

Lauren Dillon

127  Datum: 2004-10-04 10:38:50
Roland ( billy10@epost.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf,
über "Umwege" habe ich die Johnny-Cash-Special-Sendung vom 14.09.04 hören können. Meine Hochachtung und grosses Kompliment. Du bist ein echter Könner. Deine Radio-Sendungen sind eine Freude für jeden R&R- und Country-Fan. Vielen Dank mal dafür.
Wünsche weiterhin viel Glück und viel Spass

126  Datum: 2004-09-28 14:23:54
Jack ( jack@hoylebrothers.com / http://www.hoylebrothers.com) schrieb:

Hey Rolf:
Thanks so much for helping to keep real country music alive.

The Hoyle Brother

125  Datum: 2004-08-25 07:40:28
frank palani baum ( palani.baum@gmx.de / http://www.palani-music.de) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,
habe mal wieder in deinen Seiten gelesen
und denke ein paar Zeilen hier, können
auch nicht schaden.
Der Sommer geht langsam dem Ende zu und somit auch die Gigs im Country Music Bereich -
Der trad. "Korbmarkt" in Lichtenfels ist dann am
19. Sept., für uns die letzte "Open Air" Veranstaltung dieses Jahr.
Mitte Oktober bis Ende September bin ich wieder
in "Hawaii Nei" und spiele dort in den Waikiki Hotels.
Beste Grüße, Howdy and Aloha Nui,
Frank Baum
für heuer

124  Datum: 2004-06-26 12:57:35
Roland ( billy10@epost.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf,
auf diesem Wege möchte ich einmal Dank sagen für Deine informativen, coolen, einmaligen Sendungen auf der RadioRheinWelle. Da ich leider etwas ausserhalb Eures Sendegebiets wohne
kann ich nur vereinzelte Sendungen hören. Alles Gute weiterhin. Keep on Rockin' Radio!

123  Datum: 2004-06-08 19:00:25
Uwe Ohler ( uweohler@t-online.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hallo Rye!
nochmals alles Gute weiterhin! Keep on rockin'
Cheers, Uwe

122  Datum: 2004-06-02 09:16:15
Achim ( info@allcountry.de / http://www.allcountry.de) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf
alles Gute auch dir zum Geburtstag ! Bleibe so wie du bist und vor allen Dingen bleibe gesund !!
Von der Ostseeküste grüsst
Achim + Lulu / AllCountry

121  Datum: 2004-05-25 09:45:59
Martin ( perlentaucherbewernick@web.de / http://www.perlentaucher.beep.de) schrieb:

Hi Ry,
s'muss jetzt mal gesacht werrn..
Vielen Dank für ALLE Deine Sendungen.
Für alle Radioschaffenden eine dauerhafte Quelle der Inspiration !
keep on trucking...

120  Datum: 2004-05-22 09:38:13
Dieter Vulpus ( country-saloon@t-online.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi, Rolf,
besten Dank für die Überspielung Deiner Sendung vom 13.5. Hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Schade, daß diese Musik nicht einem größeren Publikum zugänglich ist. Deine Homepage ist super !
Dieter Vulpus
hr1-SW extra:Cross Country

119  Datum: 2004-05-04 23:46:25
Eric Waterman ( ericw@nf.sympatico.ca / http://www.ericw.builderspot.com) schrieb:

I enjoyed my visit.Great site

118  Datum: 2004-04-21 18:42:41
DJ-Walter ( withoutnamesradio@chello.at / http://withoutnamesradio.at.tf) schrieb:

wirklich eine tolle Website.
Freut mich das ich diese Site gefunden habe.


117  Datum: 2004-04-07 21:35:19
Rolf & Uwe Ohler ( privat@rolf-ohler.de / http://www.rolf-ohler.de) schrieb:

Hi Rye,

eine wirklich grandiose Webseite, die sogar meinem Gatten ein Lächeln auf sein niedliches Gesicht zauberte ;-)) Das erste "Das gibts doch wohl gar nicht" kam schon beim Johnny Cash Brief !! --und dann gings noch viel weiter !!!

Weiter so, wir freuen uns auf Walluf!

Rolf & Uwe

116  Datum: 2004-02-04 23:24:21
EVY ( penpulse@yahoo.ca / http://awenoff.hypermart.net/Evy.html) schrieb:


Just dropped by to say hello and wishing you
and all your guests a happy day.

With love from Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada,


Evy Hannes www.poetry.com

115  Datum: 2004-01-25 21:31:16
Ei, ich bin´s, de Achim ( Achim.Gutbrod@t-online.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Moin Rolf,
die website der Anzefahrer Theatergruppe wurde soeben aktualisiert und wannsdmogst, dann mach´ doch `nen Link von Deiner auf unsre. Umgekehrt läuft´s schon. Schau `mal `rein bei:
Bis bald,

114  Datum: 2004-01-14 17:22:39
Klaus Müller ( muellerklaus@gmx.de / http://www.astroman.tn4.de) schrieb:

Gude Rolf,weiterhin viel Erfolg mit Radio Rheinwelle.Hoffe,das wir das endlich mal auch im Rheingau hören können.
HP sieht gut aus,aber das Bild von Wilhelm hat eine zu dicke Dateigröße (634Kb).Denk doch mal an die User die kein DSL haben.
Gruß aus Geisenheim

113  Datum: 2003-11-21 01:35:55
Rattlesnake Annie ( snake@rattlesnakeannie.com / http://www.rattlesnakeannie.com) schrieb:

Hi Rye, Thank you for your support of my music and for keeping real country music alive. Rye, we appreciate you in Nashville. Viva my dear friend Johnny Cash! love your fan, Rattlesnake

112  Datum: 2003-11-18 01:30:05
Ike Mumpower ( mumpower@tricon.net / http://www.tributesongs.com) schrieb:


We would like to send you a cd of our songs
There A Judge Standing Tall In Alabama.You May go
to www.tributesongs.com
click on the sunlite radio link go to classgospel
it is the 3th songs on there show.Email me your
mailing address if you would like a cd for your
radio station.

Ike Mumpower

111  Datum: 2003-11-03 13:52:44
Bettie Walker ( bcrookw@bellsouth.net / http://www.billywalker.com) schrieb:

Lots of information on your site. Thanks for keeping country alive in Germany. Wish we had your kind of country here. You play the real deal. I think Nashville has forgotten what real country music is supposed to sound like.

110  Datum: 2003-07-29 14:35:19
Doug Hamilton ( doug@doughamiltonmusic.com / http://www.doughamiltonmusic.com) schrieb:

Ho Rolf
Great Website! I am really impressed and I hope all is well!

109  Datum: 2003-07-19 05:44:23
Manfred Hofacker ( cwesternfolks@aol.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi Rolf
Es war ein schöner Abend mit Country Music und Freunde
Deine Hompage ist Super,ich werde öfter mal reinschauen weiter.
Grüße aus Biedenkopf
Mafred Hofacker

108  Datum: 2003-05-15 04:00:50
Edison and Hirsch ( NativeSon@mac.com / http://www.gaijinrecords.com/index2.html) schrieb:

Howdy Rolf! Greetings from Tokyo... Friendly site and we are glad to see that Country music is gaining in popularity all across Europe. We would like to send you a copy or our new cd, Native Son, if we may. Sample tracks are on our site. Just drop us an email with mailing address... Peace, and continued success. Lonnie Hirsch, Edison & Hirsch

107  Datum: 2003-05-07 11:36:10
Gina Sterling ( ginaandbob@optusnet.com.au / http://www.ginasterling.com.au) schrieb:

Hey there Rolf,
What a buzz to make it on your playlist. Thank you so much for all you do to help Independant singer/songwriters like me get out music out to the listening public. It is really appreciated.
Thank you once again

106  Datum: 2003-05-01 12:26:00
Doug Hamilton ( doug@doughamiltonmusic.com / http://www.doughamiltonmusic.com) schrieb:

Hi Rolf I love your website and thanks so much for your support of all indie artist I thought I would have a look and it looks great Have a great day! Toronto Canada

105  Datum: 2003-04-12 00:14:38
Big John ( Big-John@Big-John-Music.de / http://www.big-john-music.de) schrieb:

Howdy Rolf!
Respekt und Gratulation zu Deine Homepage! Die Discographie von John ist ja beeindruckend! Wenn Du Zeit hast, würde ich mich freuen, wenn Du mal bei mir vorbeischaust. Da wartet ein Gästebuch und ein BRANDNEUES Diskussionsforum auf Dich. Hab gerade einen Beitrag über "Johnny Cash" eingetragen. Kannst ja Deine Meinng dazu äussern! Bis dann, Greetings & Countrysunshine - Big John

104  Datum: 2003-03-25 10:44:40
Claudette/Lydialee Publishing ( keine Email / http://www.vickileeonline.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf thanks very much for your playing Vicki Lee's songs!! The team really appreciate it! Your support of country music is truly great!!!

if you'd like to find out about me I invite you to my personal website

take care and God Bless!

103  Datum: 2003-03-12 09:41:06
Wolfgang David ( wolfgangdavid@t-online.de / http://www.countryduo.de) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf,

viele Grüße aus dem Harz. Wie Du siehst sind wir auch seit gestern im Netz vertreten. Kannst ja mal vorbeikommen bei Gelegenheit. Alles Gute

Wolfgang David

102  Datum: 2003-03-02 07:49:45
Sharon Brooks ( brooks747@earthlink.net / http://www.SharonBrooks.net) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
I just ran across your link on JRRI playlist and came over to see your website. You have a very nice site here, I enjoyed looking it all over.
Thank You for playing my music on your shows, I appreciate your support. If you have a chance stop over and see my new website at http://www.SharonBrooks.net
Best Wishes and God Bless,
Sharon Brooks.

101  Datum: 2003-02-07 11:18:48
georg ( gr@tplus.at / http://www.race.at) schrieb:

bin mal wieder auf deine tolle site
grüsse aus wien und
stay crative !!

100  Datum: 2003-02-02 18:38:30
Kenny Roberts ( kennybett@juno.com / http://www.kennyroberts.homestead.com) schrieb:

love it super site
Kenny Roberts

99  Datum: 2003-01-26 20:35:52
Kenny Roberts ( kennybett@juno.com / http://www.kennyroberts.homestead.com) schrieb:

A great site love it.Thank you for playing the Indie artists. You are a great contributor to
real Country music singers. Keep up the good work, also thanks for playing # 18 on the HERO
Kenny Roberts

98  Datum: 2003-01-06 08:35:05
Terry Smith ( tsmith333@comcast.net / http://www.bluegrassville.com/tsmith/) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
Just a quick note to say hi and thanks for playing my music on your program. The response to my new CD, "Far-Side Banks of Jordan and Inspirational Songs Written by Terry Smith" has been good. I have just recently learned of three or four releases that I didn't know about previously of "Far-Side Banks of Jordan" by Johnny Cash and June Carter--a couple of them are live performance albums. I'm eager to get them. Thanks again for spinning my songs.
Your Nashville friend,
Terry Smith, writer of "Far-Side Banks of Jordan"

97  Datum: 2002-12-17 11:56:13
Vicki Lee ( vickilee@vickileeonline.com / http://www.vickileeonline.com) schrieb:

I would like to wish you and your family along with everyone at the station a Happy Holiday Season and would like to thank you for your continued support and playing my songs..it's greatly appreciated!!
God Bless,
~Vicki Lee~

96  Datum: 2002-11-29 17:05:08
Shirley Frederickson ( sfrederickson@shaw.ca / http://mp3.com/shirleyfrederickson) schrieb:

Hi Rolf!

Love the website! Just stopped in to say thanks so much for supporting the music of myself and other Independent Country Artists! I sure appreciate it! The "Tribute to the DJS" cd will be coming your way soon from Hero Records! Happy Holidays!

Country Smiles from Canada;

95  Datum: 2002-11-19 15:41:25
Claudette ( keine Email / http://www.russclo.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf, I wanted to personally thank you for all you do to promote country music!! I especially appreciate you playing Vicki Lee's songs..thanks so much! I thought you might be interested a little about me I have included my personal site address for you to enjoy..make sure part of the tour is my World Harmony & Hug site..I believe you will enjoy it. Take Care and thanks again!
Claudette/Lydialee Publishing

94  Datum: 2002-11-12 17:09:56
Vicki Lee ( vickilee@vickileeonline.com / http://www.vickileeonline.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,
I just wanted to thank you for your support and for playing my songs! I truly appreciate all that you do for us artists! On behalf of myself and my mother who writes alot of my songs we feel truly blessed having met you and having you support us!
God Bless You Always,
~Vicki Lee~

93  Datum: 2002-11-07 20:21:26
Everett Corbin ( ejcorbin@juno.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Thanks just for the opportunity to sign in.


Everett Corbin for Vernon Oxford:THE OXFORD TOUCH

92  Datum: 2002-11-07 10:25:17
Annie Kidwell ( annie@donandanniekidwell.com / http://www.donandanniekidwell.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,

I love your website! You've done a great job. Thanks for the airplay you've given us. Thanks for supporting the Indie artists!

91  Datum: 2002-11-06 23:28:04
GLORY TRAIN/HILLTOPPER MUSIC ( glorytrn@aol.com / http://members.aol.com/glorytrn) schrieb:

Hello Rolf..
A super site you have. Lots of Country Music Info. Thanks very much for all you do for Country Music and Artist from around the World.
We appreciate all of your efforts as we are sure many do. Many blessings to you and yours.
Robert & Anna Shields
Glory Train Records
Hilltopper Music Group
Livingston, TN.

90  Datum: 2002-11-04 14:40:43
Hauke Strübing ( hps@haukestruebing.com / http://www.haukestruebing.com) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf,
ich habe Deinen Eintrag in meinem Gästebuch gelesen und habe mich darüber sehr gefreut: Wer erinnert sich schon noch an COUNTRY CORNER und an das HILLBILLY MAGAZIN. Aber das kann man ja ändern, indem wir mal wieder für real Country Music auf die Trommel hauen. Als ich mir Deine Cash-Diskographie angesehen habe, war ich sprachlos. Da brauche ich mir sicherlich keine Mühe zu geben auf meiner Seite. Werde ich auch nicht. Einfach Klasse! Wenn mal jemand bei mir mit einer Cash-Anfrage landet, werde ich denjenigen gleich weiterleiten auf Deine Homepage.
Viele Grüsse Hauke

89  Datum: 2002-10-31 19:58:36
Klaus Müller ( Thurgau@t-online.de / http://www.astroman.de.tt) schrieb:

Gude Rolf! Deine HP wird immer besser. Genau das richtige für euch Country Freaks.Almost heaven,West Virginia...............

88  Datum: 2002-10-28 17:34:13
Vicki Lee ( keine Email / http://www.vickileeonline.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf, I just wanted to thank you for playing my songs on your truly wonderful radio station!!! It's so appreciated..I also want to say a big hello to your listeners ...
God Bless You Always,
~Vicki Lee~

87  Datum: 2002-10-18 13:32:19
Claudette ( keine Email / http://www.vickileeonline.com) schrieb:

Hello, It's wonderful revisiting with you...and thanks for all you do for independent artists!
for Vicki Lee
Lydialee Publishing

Pop'N'Country Music Forum

86  Datum: 2002-10-08 14:39:12
Bill Dawg Moore ( BillDawgExt3@aol.com / http://www.billdawgmoore.com) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
Nice site. Wanted to thank you for the support you have shown me and all the other indies. Liked the letter from Johnny Cash. Have a pic he signed for me a few years back and it is a prized possession of mine. If you get the chance, stop by my site and look around and please sign my guestbook. Take care and keep doing what you do.

85  Datum: 2002-10-08 13:21:02
Claudette ( mgr@vickileeonline.com / http://www.vickileeonline.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,
It has been a pleasure visiting your website and finding out about your radio station and the great work you are doing keep country alive and well in Germany! I manage a country & gospel singer songwriter her name is Vicki Lee and she has such a unique powerful sound I felt you might be interested in. I invite you to visit with us at www.vickileeonline.com and I would love to send you her press packet. Please email me.
Claudette, Mgr
for Vicki Lee
Lydialee Publishing

84  Datum: 2002-10-04 16:58:07
Andrew Dean ( blackhatprod2000@aol.com / http://www.AndrewDean.com) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
Thank you for the invitation to send some of my music to your radio station. I hope that you can use some of it, and I thank you for your support of Indie musicians around the world. Visit my internet site, and be sure to label your location on my all new GUEST MAP.

83  Datum: 2002-08-07 20:13:07
DEBBIE HIERATH ( zebra1@yellowhead.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Rolf I have High speed internet at work and can access some great radio stations via the net and listen to them at work. Is your radio station accessable on the net. If so let me know as I would like to listen to your radio show and maybe catch the show you did with Bret. Let me Know.

82  Datum: 2002-08-07 17:45:24
James ( kassepatient@web.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi Rolf
Schöne Seite, sehr informativ. Schade,dass ich Deine Sendungen hier in Sossenheim nicht empfangen kann, aber immer wenn ich in WI und Umgebung bin suche ich sofort die 92,5.
Keep on Country

81  Datum: 2002-06-27 15:31:22
NANCY JO GLASGOW ( nanjo@tularosa.net / http://www.nanjosmedicineshow.com) schrieb:

Hi Rolf, visited you....thanks for your contributions in the world of music, Nancy Jo

80  Datum: 2002-06-03 04:52:05
Annie Kidwell ( annie@donandanniekidwell.com / http://www.donandanniekidwell.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,
Great site! Thanks for the support you give the Indies! We appreciate it!!

79  Datum: 2002-05-21 18:42:05
Megan Cox-Artemis ( megsy40038@hotmail.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

hi Rolf! i was just at rock am ring and i met someone who lives in rüsselsheim. i only know his first name, which isn't very helpful. i was wondering if you could help me find him through music/the radio. i would owe you a lot. please help me find him.
schöne grüsse aus essen

78  Datum: 2002-05-20 20:45:08
Rustie Blue ( rustieblue7@aol.com / http://www.cdbaby.com/rustieblue) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,

Wanted to stop in and say hello. Back from the WHP European Tour now, and had a great time! How you been? Dropping into thank you for all of your support Rolf. Hope to meet you someday!

Rustie Blue :o)

77  Datum: 2002-05-13 08:42:22
Mark Sherrill ( shoalcrk@bellsouth.net / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi, Rolf....
I just brought up your website and found it very interesting. Good job! Thanks for your email regarding Johnny Collier's latest release, "Honey For Hire". We think you're going to like it! Keep up the great work you're doing for country music, buddy. We all appreciate it!

Mark Sherrill
Mollie Music Group
MMG Records/Shoal Creek Promotions

76  Datum: 2002-05-08 07:53:03
Tom Aaron-The Sound of Elvis ( thbilo@web.de / http://www.tom-aaron.de) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,

bin zufällig auf Radio Rheinwelle und dann auf deine Seite gestossen.
Schön das Ihr die alte Musik in Erinnerung haltet!
Weiter so!

rockige Grüße
Tom Aaron-The Sound of Elvis

75  Datum: 2002-04-24 16:53:27
Danny Mack ( danny@dannymack.com / http://www.dannymack.com) schrieb:

Thanks for the spins. I always wanted a song on a jukebox. Keep up the good work. You are providing a great and important service.

Danny Mack (The Cement City Cowboy)

74  Datum: 2002-03-24 19:55:13
Ützwurst ( osterwelle@swr3.de / http://swr3.de) schrieb:

Wo Du wolle?? Fahre Memphis, Elvis lebt.

73  Datum: 2002-03-07 19:49:37
Rolf Tillmann ( rolf.tillmann@hamburg.de / http://lonesome-riders.bei.t-online.de) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf!
Habe gerade im Netz einige Infos über Johnny Cash zusammengetragen und bin daber auf Deine Seite gestoßen... Mach weiter so!
Internette Grüsse von

72  Datum: 2002-03-05 06:02:37
Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan ( jcknmsty@bellsouth.net / http://jackandmisty.com) schrieb:

Hi, Rolf.
We've been wandering through your website.
Very nice! We'll be back.
Your friends,
Jack & Misty

71  Datum: 2002-03-04 00:51:11
Anna Shields ( glorytrn@aol.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,

Just wanted to stop by and say HI and THANK YOU so much for all YOU do. We know it takes a lot of time and hard work in getting the music out to the listeners, making your playlists and posting them. For all this, we say THANK YOU very much.

We are very GRATEFUL for you and all the airplay you give to the artists on GLORY TRAIN RECORDS and HILL TOPPER MUSIC GROUP.

thanks for doing what you do,

Anna Shields
Glory Train Records
Hill Topper Music Group

70  Datum: 2002-03-01 08:25:48
Aldo ( aldobreze@yahoo.com / http://www.aldobreze.com) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,
I just want to say thank you for playing my music, and that I enjoy your site.

Take care,

69  Datum: 2002-03-01 03:53:40
DARLIN AND ROSE ( dnrmusic@adnc.com / http://www.darlinandrose.com) schrieb:

Rolf: We wish all the best with the Hillbilly
Playlist Board!! Keep playing those country hits,cause you have a great playlist! Darlin' and Rose

68  Datum: 2002-03-01 02:39:00
Erin Hay ( erinhay2002@yahoo.com / http://www.erinhay.com) schrieb:

Thanks for playing my music. http://server106.hypermart.net/nashvillecdstore/%236bumperS.jpg

67  Datum: 2002-02-19 02:16:03
angelapierson ( angie72801@webtv.net / keine Homepage) schrieb:


66  Datum: 2002-02-01 14:10:41
Robert Keister, CSP ( rdkeister@aol.com / http://www.geocities.com/rustieblue) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,
I would like to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate you playing Rustie Blue's new song "Who's She To You" on Western Heart. Rustie & I hope to meet you while we are on the WHP Tour. We will arrive in Hamburg Germany on March 4th and will be performing. Do you live near Hamburg?

Thanks again Rolf for all of your support!!

Robert Keister, Management, CSP

65  Datum: 2002-01-22 19:49:20
Nobsi ( petersweg9@12move.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Sind jetzt Online!!!
Deine Nichte Sanny

64  Datum: 2002-01-09 22:42:20
Rustie Blue ( rustieblue7@aol.com / http://www.rustieblue.subnet.dk/) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
Just wanted to drop in and tell you how great your site looks and thank you for all of your support over the past year! Hope you had a very nice Christmas!

Rustie Blue

63  Datum: 2002-01-09 02:55:49
Checo Records ( checoRecords@aol.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

We are fairly new at surfing the internet .. but I found your site and I find it very nice and pleasing to the eye. I was mainly looking for playlist as we are a new Indy label with a new artist Cerrito. Wishing you a prosperous 2002. Regards, Checo Records, Toi

62  Datum: 2002-01-08 01:18:04
BWS Management Int`l ( bws-management@talkcity.com / http://home.talkcity.com/DianaDr/bws-management/index.html) schrieb:

Dear Friend ! Do you like line dance ? Please visit Paul Mateki fanclub on BWS Management homepage. That page is dedicated to all the line dancers that dance around the world. For all the hand-clapping, foot-stomping, shuffling and grape-vining people out there, we have done our best to find the best dances to be done to Paul Mateki's music. We hope you enjoy the dances! Please visit BWS Management Int`l homepage on. http://home.talkcity.com/DianaDr/bws-management/index.html Paul Mateki from Texas in USA - "Male Vocalist of the Year, and Most played country artist on radiostations in Europe" (ECMA - 2001) #3 most played on radiostations worldwide 2001. Listen to Paul`s music, and find out why he is the #1 singer in Europe . Buy your own Paul Mateki CD on. http://home.talkcity.com/DianaDr/bws-management/index.html Best regards, BWS management Int`l

61  Datum: 2002-01-01 22:16:30
DONNIE HENDRIX ( dfhendrix@msn.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:


60  Datum: 2001-12-15 18:52:34
Hartmut Bauer ( btt1958video@t-online.de / http://de.photos.yahoo.com/btt1958video) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf,
hast Du sehr gut gemacht - und vor allen Dingen,
sehr übersichtlich.
Schau mal auf meine Video-Seite

59  Datum: 2001-12-08 13:30:35
Marvell ( jmarvell7@yahoo.com / http://home.hiwaay.net/~peanutt/v1top12.htm) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,

Good to drop by. May I send you some CDs including a new artist with his CD? You'll really like him.

Rolf, let me know at my e-mail which is:
jmarvell7@yahoo.com Please send mailing address...Best To You for the holidays!

Note: I've linked the 'Top 12' chart as my recomended site.

58  Datum: 2001-11-27 19:30:34
DONNIE HENDRIX ( dfhendrix@msn.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:


57  Datum: 2001-11-27 11:13:53
DAN SAUER ( dansauer@earthlink.net / http://www.cdbaby.com/dansauer) schrieb:

Just dropped in to say HOWDY!
Best regards,
DAN SAUER / Snowfield Music

56  Datum: 2001-11-14 11:33:28
frank palani baum ( www.palani.baum@gmx.de / http://www.palani-music.de) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
schau mal bei meinen neuen Seiten rein,wenn du Lust hast.
Die neue e-mail Adresse noch nicht nehmen,muß erst
koordiniert werden.
Guestbook etc. ist aber schon fertig.
Keep it Country,

55  Datum: 2001-11-13 01:22:16
DONNIE HENDRIX ( dfhendrix@msn.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Rye, I think I posted my message in the wrong spot. I wanted to say I like that Rock-A_Billy Playlist. "Rockin' Rye". Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee are just a couple of my favorites. Best Wishes,DONNIE HENDRIX

54  Datum: 2001-11-04 22:43:55
Darren Rhodes ( Office@DarrenRhodes.com / http://www.DarrenRhodes.com) schrieb:

Just wanted to drop in and say hello. Keep up the good work. God Bless!

53  Datum: 2001-11-01 05:41:29
Terry Smith ( TERRY.SMITH@prodigy.net / http://www.bluegrassville.com/tsmith/) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
I just dropped by to say hi. Things are busy here in Nashville. The response to my CD Spokes in the Wheel continues to be good, and we are in the first stages of planning a new one. Take care, and may God bless.
Terry Smith

52  Datum: 2001-10-28 22:08:05
frank baum ( palani.baum@gmx.de / http://www.rosewood.de) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
muß doch auch mal hallo sagen.
Vielen Dank auch für deine Post.
Hast du die Hawaiian CD "A sunday in Laie"
von mir bekommen?
War vier Tage mit der Band unterwegs, bin ab heute wieder für fünf Tage zuhause.
Beste Grüße
und A Hui Hou

51  Datum: 2001-10-26 01:53:55
Bernadette Morgan (Hierath) ( bernmorgan@yahoo.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Howdy Partner! This is your long lost relative from Cow Country Canada (Calgary, Alberta). I would just like to send you an invitation to visit the most 'cowboy' town of North America. We have have our Calgary Stampede in July, and we would love to have you visit. Und wir sprechen Deutsch!

Bernadette Morgan (Hierath) und
Dietrich Hart

50  Datum: 2001-10-23 23:31:48
Hill Topper Music Group ( Hilltoppermusic@aol.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hello Rolf,

Hope things are well with you. Just wanted to drop in and say THANK YOU for the airplay of Hill Topper Music Group. We appreciate YOU very much.

thanks for doing what you do,

Anna Shields
Hill Topper Music Group
Glory Train Records

49  Datum: 2001-10-03 14:02:43
Rafel Corbi ( rafel@europeancma.org / http://www.europeancma.org) schrieb:

Hi friend, just stopped to visit your site and saying thanks for keeping country music alive and well in your country with your efforts, which are truly appreciated. Believe it or not, this man is great!

48  Datum: 2001-09-25 13:22:34
Rustie Blue ( rustieblue7@aol.com / http://www.rustieblue.subnet.dk/) schrieb:

Hi Rolf!
Just dropping into say hello and see how you are doing? Thanks so much for all of your support; I really appreciate it. Hope to meet you someday.

Rustie Blue

47  Datum: 2001-09-19 23:00:16
TODD DUNFORD ( todddunford@mounet.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

great site i hope you like my new album

46  Datum: 2001-08-25 14:29:35
Goswin Lange ( info@saloon-limburg.de / http://www.saloon-limburg.de) schrieb:

Sehr interessante Seite habt Ihr. Werde Euch in
zukunft öfters "besuchen".

Goswin Lange

45  Datum: 2001-08-24 04:13:58
Freeware-COM ( web@freeware-com.com / http://www.freeware-com.com) schrieb:

Halli Hallo !!! Echt turbomäßige HomePage hier, echt toll. Lust auf LinkTausch ??? Dann eintragen auf meine HomePage unter LinkTausch !!!!!!

44  Datum: 2001-08-16 01:23:07
Stephen Phelps ( sphelps@3wave.com / http://sphelps.portland.co.uk/threemore.html) schrieb:

Hello Rolf - Great Web site! Thanks much for playing "Down That Road Before" from my CD, and thanks for giving us independent musicians a place to be heard. Best wishes from beautiful Southwest Virginia ....

43  Datum: 2001-08-13 22:04:38
Vance Greek ( vgreek1005@aol.com / http://www.vancegreek.com) schrieb:

Rolf, thanks a bunch for playing my song "Busy Doin' Nothin'" I hope your listeners enjoy it. Godspeed from Texas...........Vance Greek

42  Datum: 2001-08-05 20:54:06
Tav Falco ( tavofalco@hotmail.com / http://www.intheredrecords.com) schrieb:

Hillbilly JukeBox... Visit www.JTC.de for details of upcoming Panther Burns tour in Germany beginning Sept.6th, 2001.

rave on,

~tav falco

41  Datum: 2001-08-02 19:57:31
Katrina Laney ( Tommy_n_Carol@hotmail.com / http://angelfire.com/music3/imasinger/) schrieb:

Rolf, I just wanted to thank you for playing my song, Out There On The Water! I really appreciate the airplay! Hope your listeners are enjoying my song and that you will play it often!
Thanks, Katrina Laney : )

40  Datum: 2001-07-31 11:29:36
Brandi Ward ( brandi@brandiward.com / http://www.brandiward.com) schrieb:

I am honored to be on your playlist and wanted to thank you so much for your support. Take care.

39  Datum: 2001-07-27 00:52:29
Loretta Solon ( LSolonMusic@aol.com / http://hometown.aol.com/lsolonmusic/LORETTASOLONMUSICindex.html) schrieb:

Hello from the USA! Really enjoyed my visit!

38  Datum: 2001-07-16 19:59:35
Jim Moulton ( guit30@prontomail.com / http://www.geocities.com/guit30/Jim.html) schrieb:

Hi Rolf,
Could you please give my song "Touch Witin my Heart" on Country Hot Disc #31A a spin-Thanx-Jim

37  Datum: 2001-07-09 04:07:07
LOLENE, STARDUST OF NASHVILLE ( lolene01@hotmail.com / http://Lolene.net) schrieb:

Stopped by to visit. Please visit my site to learn about my Kentucky brand of country music.

36  Datum: 2001-07-08 19:35:43
Erin Hay ( erinhay@usa.net / http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/49/erin_hay.html) schrieb:

Thanks for always supporting Traditional Country Music.

Erin Hay

35  Datum: 2001-07-08 11:30:51
HADY ( hady.khandani@gmx.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:


I am a great country music fan from germany. Last year I enjoyed KMLE during my 8-month stay in phoenix/az.

Now i have a problem:
I am looking for the CD "COUNTRY STORE" with the JOHNNY CASH song "GREATEST LOVE AFFAIR".
The CD was issued 1988 by a label named MASTERPIECE.

May you can tell me, where I can get this CD or ANY OTHER with this song.......
...or this song as MP3-File.....

Thank you for help.....
...and keep on doing such a good job!!!!


Hady Khandani, Germany
PLEAESE ANSWER TO: hady.khandani@gmx.de

34  Datum: 2001-06-19 13:56:40
Rustie Blue ( rustieblue7@aol.com / http://www.mp3.com/RustieBlue) schrieb:

Hi Rolf!
Thank you so very much for adding "I'm Dropping Tears" to your playlist & all of the support you are giving to me. I appreciate it very much! You have a very nice website too! Lots of information (very informative). Hope you have a wonderful day! Hope to meet you someday!

Rustie Blue

33  Datum: 2001-06-17 17:53:27
DICK SHUEY ( dick@dickshuey.com / http://www.DICKSHUEY.COM) schrieb:

Keep up the great work for Real Country Music Rolf....!!!
You're a Hero...!!!

Dick Shuey was Here...

32  Datum: 2001-06-04 12:08:09
DAN SAUER ( dansauer@earthlink.net / http://www.cdbaby.com/dansauer) schrieb:

Howdy! Just me again. Glad to see the Hillbilly Jukebox is going STRONG! Take care and GOD BLESS! Dan Sauer

31  Datum: 2001-05-28 17:22:24
juanita ford ( juanita@musicfromtheheart.com / http://www.musicfromtheheart.com) schrieb:

hey ralf thank you so much for playing those duke boys from hazzard county people wanting to by the cd can order it through my website http://www.musicfromtheheart.com

30  Datum: 2001-05-20 20:58:37
Tom Woodard-PHARAOH RECORDS ( phar_rec@bellsouth.net / http://members.tripod.com/~Pharaoh_Intl) schrieb:

Just dropped in to say "hello". Thanks for sharing, and for your support of our artists. From Pharaoh Int'l Records, Knoxville, Tennessee U.S.A.

29  Datum: 2001-05-07 21:55:09
Scott Hierath ( shierath@telusplanet.net / keine Homepage) schrieb:

where are you from? I am a Hierath from Canada

28  Datum: 2001-05-01 21:11:49
Lou Nelson ( LNPM@aol.com / http://www.usoftrecords.com) schrieb:

would like to send you some of our materials and artist cd's....they are Texas Grown & Texas Recorded....thanks

27  Datum: 2001-05-01 13:26:11
DAN SAUER ( dansauer@earthlink.net / http://www.cdbaby.com/dansauer) schrieb:

Thanks for all you do for ALL of us!

26  Datum: 2001-04-21 18:15:04
Dan Sauer ( dansauer@earthlink.net / http://www.cdbaby.com/dansauer) schrieb:

I just dropped in to say "howdy". I've always been a hillbilly at heart. Never stop doin' what you do.

25  Datum: 2001-04-17 00:02:08
Marvell ( jmarvell7@yahoo.com / http://members.nbci.com/marvellmusic) schrieb:

Dear Rolf, it meant so much to see that you
are bringing back the music of my early 70's
duo 'The Country Cavaleers.' The song
"Outlaws & Cavaleers" shows my love for Count-
ry Music as far back as the 60's...Thanks
again Rolf for playing the music!

24  Datum: 2001-03-28 20:04:02
j gale kilgore ( eyeball@crcom.net / http://www.eyeball-records.com) schrieb:

thank you for playing the independent artists.
you help more than you will ever know.
"cowboy cold beer"
j gale kilgore www.eyeball-records.com

23  Datum: 2001-03-23 13:38:15
David ( countrycattin@yahoo.com / http://www.geocities.com/countrycattin2001) schrieb:

Thanks Hillbilly Jukebox for playing a song of our 'It's Saturday Night' album it's great to know people enjoy the same music as we do, keep Hillbilly and all Roots music alive
David c/o Country Cattin'

22  Datum: 2001-03-08 08:36:39
Klaus ( Klaus.Skiebe@kvhessen.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi Man,

wish u a very nice day. keep cool. best wishes to your wife and good luck.

the big one

p.s. hast du schon die aufnahme von "i walk the line revisited"? j.c. singt das zusammen mit ??? falls nicht, ich habe es mir daheim aufgeschrieben. ruf´ einfach mal an.

21  Datum: 2001-02-05 21:38:13
Jan Lachmann ( janlachmann1@aol.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi Rolf! Sowas geniales wie Deine Cash-Discographie hab ich noch nicht erlebt. Hab sie gleich komplett ausgedruckt! Sowas müsste es auch vom "Killer" Jerry Lee geben. Mr. Cash und Mr. Lewis sind nunmal die GRöSSTEN!!

20  Datum: 2001-01-17 09:24:10
Michael Harding ( mhentertainer@cybercountry.tv / http://www.cybercountry.tv/michael) schrieb:

Enjoyed your site. Had a translator to help me. I want to thank you in advance for playing my CD! I appreciate it!!!!!!!

Good Luck & keep up the good work!!!

19  Datum: 2001-01-14 16:36:45
Juergen ( jerrylee@vr-web.de / http://home.vr-web.de/jerrylee/) schrieb:


besten Dank für Deinen Eintrag in mein Gästebuch. Ich finde Deine Seite wirklich geil !
Dein Angebot habe ich angenommen und mich in Deine LinkHitList eingetragen.

Grüße aus Bayern and Keep´Rockin

18  Datum: 2000-12-31 06:53:54
COWBOY JOE ( paulAcowboyjoe@aol.com / http://www.cowboyjoesradioranch.com) schrieb:

Howdy from Cowboy Joe's Radio Ranch. Have you ever heard of my world famous radio theme song, Ragtime Cowboy Joe? Cheers, Cowboy Joe.

17  Datum: 2000-12-29 16:57:52
Erin Hay ( erinhay@usa.net / http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/49/erin_hay.html) schrieb:

Thanks for linking to my Link Page. Appreciate the support for my music.
Keep playing that Honky Tonk Music.

Erin Hay

16  Datum: 2000-12-18 10:43:57
Steffen ( demuth@arcormail.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf,

hast du also auch das Internet entdeckt ;-)

Wenn ich richtig rechne, ist es 24 Jahre her, dass wir uns kennengelernt und nach einer - na ja - nicht so erfreulichen Phase unseres Lebens wieder ziemlich aus den Augen verloren haben.

Schön, dass du noch an mich gedacht und auf deine Web-Seite hingewiesen hast. Ist wirklich gut gemacht.



15  Datum: 2000-12-11 03:07:10
frank mabry ( song1831@yahoo.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

thank you for the airplay of myself and the whole stardust family.happy holiday to your staff and all your listeners.
from the frank mabry and family

14  Datum: 2000-12-06 21:38:25
Steely Eisele ( cce.eisele@t-online.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hallo, bin heute auf Empfehlung erstmalig in diese Homepage geraten, bin absolut begeistert von der Discographie J.Cash. Ich habe ebenfalls eine, die auch ca. 90% der hier befindlichen ausgabe enthält, aber ein paar Schmankerl habe ich auch gefunden. Hier natürlich gleich die Frage: WHERE THE HELL ARE THE CASH-FANS ???
Ich sammle, nein,ich muss sagen, ich mag Johnny Cash seit 1967, er ist für mich ein grosser Mensch,seine Art,seine Musik, aber auch ein teil seines Lebens sind mir Vorbild und Vergnügen.Habe viele Concerte gesehen, das letzte in Aschaffenburg, ich glaube vor ca. 3-4 Jahren.Meine Sammlung umfasst überwiegend LP und CD, aber auch ein paar Singles, und wenige aber rare Aufnahmen auf Cassette bzw.MINIDISC oder DAT-Band.Zur Zeit überspiele ich die meisten Aufnahmen auf CD.
Habe grosses Interesse am Meinungsaustausch über Cash, aber auch über Country-Musik im allgemeinen, new and old stuff...das ist mir egal, ich höre auch Shania Twain und Dolly Parton,Emmylou und Buck Owens. mein 2.FAVORITE SINGER > GEORGE JONES < von ihm habe ich auch eine fast komplette Sammlung aller seiner Tonträger.Hat jemand - ohne finanzielle Interessen- Lust Titel auch auszutauschen, auf CD oder auf Cassette...geben und nehmen, nach diesem Motto ????
Kontakt über meine e-mail adresse cce.eisele@t-online.de
ich schau mir jetzt noch den Rest der Homepage an und ich denke. SIE IST EINFACH GUT.

13  Datum: 2000-11-29 10:29:16
Achim Rudolph ( webmaster@allcountry.de / http://www.allcountry.de) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf,
nun war ich schon so oft auf deinen schönen Seiten, und möchte endlich hier meine Spuren hinterlassen. Grüße aus dem hohen Norden, weiterhin viele Besucher und Klicks wünscht dir
Achim /"All Country Magazin"/

12  Datum: 2000-11-20 09:00:12
Klaus Skiebe ( skiebe.kvh@t-online.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hi, Mister Henderson hope yu´re fine. Let´s have some good music together.
Ich komme nächste Woche über Euch. Könnt ja schon mal den Kaffee kochen.
Bis dann K.S.

11  Datum: 2000-11-18 19:32:22
NANCY GLASGOW ( nanjo@vtc.net / http://www.nanjosmedicineshow.com) schrieb:

Hi Rye...thanks so much for airplay of Stardust artist, BRANT MILLER and all other stardust artists

10  Datum: 2000-11-15 23:32:30
Brian Dunn ( bdunn@snip.net / http://users.snip.net/~bdunn/) schrieb:

Hi thanks for playing my song EACHTIME THAT YOU CALL Brian Dunn

9  Datum: 2000-11-13 09:44:39
Team Newcountrymusic ( webmaster@newcountrymusic.de / http://www.newcountrymusic.de) schrieb:

schöne website,macht weiter so.
Alles gute für die zukunft,wünscht euch das team von newcountrymusic

8  Datum: 2000-10-31 18:36:55
Michy ( M.West@t-online.de / http://home.t-online.de/home/m.west/) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf,
eine schöne Page hast Du da. Auch ich höre gerne Mr.Cash. Aber mein Top Favorite ist Jerry Lee Lewis. Da aber beide bei Sun angefangen haben, dachte ich, ich muß Dir einen lieben Gruß aus Hamburg zusenden. Leider kann ich Deine Sendung hier nicht hören.
Alles erdenklich Gute,


7  Datum: 2000-10-29 19:30:50
JoAnne Redding ( jr@JoAnneRedding.com / http://www.JoAnneRedding.com) schrieb:

Thanks so much for playing my new CD "The Running Kind!"

6  Datum: 2000-10-27 15:02:49
Jose Daniel Bojorquez ( BBojor5347@aol.com / http://www.artistforum.com/josedaniel3) schrieb:


5  Datum: 2000-10-16 13:36:30
Jud Phillips ( jud@phillipsmemphis.com / http://www.phillipsmemphis.com) schrieb:

Just learned of your show. See you are playing some of our Sun Artists. Curious if you are connected with the US Military installation or not? Correspond if you like. Jud Phillips

4  Datum: 2000-10-01 21:17:58
Gerd Stassen ( g.stassen@t-online.de / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf,
komme soeben von Eddie's Homepage...und sehe
ganz frisch Deinen Eintrag.....das erinnert
mich an Dein neues Guestbook. Alles Gute!!
Grüße aus dem Emsland,
Gerd Stassen

3  Datum: 2000-10-01 15:43:27
Spiller ( finalvinyl@hotmail.com / http://www.johnnycash.com/photos/spiller.jpg) schrieb:

Wirklich klasse Seite mit der besten Cash Discography, die ich je gesehen habe. Sollte nur noch mal mit einigen Fotos aufgelockert werden.

2  Datum: 2000-09-28 08:48:34
Alfred Haas ( freddyhaas@hotmail.com / keine Homepage) schrieb:

Hallo Rolf,

voll geile Website, besonders die Johnny Cash Discography! Sowas habe ich noch nicht gesehen. Hast Du die Platten auch alle? Dann kannst Du den Johnny Cash der Woche ja in 100 Jahren noch bringen. Schöne Sendung übrigens, nur weiter so.

1  Datum: 2000-09-27 15:38:50
Rolf Hierath ( rolfhierath@email.com / http://www.forumromanum.de/member/forum/forum.cgi?USER=user_23214) schrieb:

All4Free hat am 26.09.2000 den Betrieb leider eingestellt. Daher mußte ein neues Guestbook eingerichtet werden. Die alten Einträge konnten leider nicht übernommen werden, sind aber noch abrufbar. Einfach oben anklicken.